A veggie burger, an adaptation of the famous Meat burger of the west,  mostly common in India because of the non-meat eating community also known as ‘Vegetarians’. Unlike what many people think Vegetarians in India do not eat any Meat products including Fish, yes Fish is a meat product and many Indians avoid it. Several Vegetarians also avoid Eggs and egg products, like cakes, cookies, some chocolates, etc. We Indians like our veggie products so much that we now have egg-less cakes and also an egg-less Snickers bar.

Anyway getting back to our Veggie Burger, which is available at several Indian restaurants and cafe’s, including Mc Donald’s and KFC. A veggie burger patty may consist vegetables such as potatoes, corn, maybe paneer (Indian cheese), soy, legumes, tofu, mushrooms, nuts, grains and anything that is vegetarian. Served in the same way as in the west with fries and some dips.

The image of the delicious Veggie Burger! was shot at Dangee Dums, panjarapole.

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