Last week AFC went to a place it has heard a lot for a while… which one? ‘THAT PLACE’… which place? Yes, for fun and confusion, the restaurant is called, ‘THAT PLACE’.
‘That place’ is one of the few places where vegetarian and non vegetarian food occupy same amount of space in the menu card. After some discussion and a lot of excitement over the options which include some really interesting international cuisine we ordered:

  • Cajun Prawns
  • Portuguese chicken
  • Lamb Steak
  • Chelo Kebab (Persian)
  • Chicken Parma


The ambiance was nice, well lit and clean. Every table had a hand Sanitiser which is pretty rare to see in restaurants. Good job.

Cajun Prawns: We requested these as starters and to be non-spicy and were told that they are non-spicy? They were brought in late, after one of the main course was served. The prawns were extremely spicy and were sent back to the kitchen. The second round of prawns came in after we were done with our main course and were pretty good and mildly spicy.

Lamb Steak: I really like the combination of mashed potatoes and lamb. However I did not really enjoy the taste of mashed potatoes here since it was sour…and that was overpowering the creaminess of the potatoes. The lamb however was nicely done. The steak was tender and nicely flavoured. It would have really tasted much better though, if the potato complemented it better. A good steak should speak for itself and not have accompaniments that take over.

Portuguese chicken: Tender chicken steak with Piri Piri sauce and sauté veggies on the side. The spicy sauce was a good change for the taste buds and the veggies helped in calming them.  Chicken was well cooked.  Lack of presentation in such a pricey dish was a bit disappointing.  There should have been some accompaniments in the form of mash potatoes or garlic breads which would have made the portion filling.  We did an online search and found that there is nothing Portuguese about the preparation except the word Piri Piri…

Chelo Kebab: This preparation was supposed to be Iranian Chelo kebab, meaning rice (chelo) and kebab. The original version should have butter rice and some saffron rice sprinkled on top. Unfortunately at ‘That place’ the saffron was replaced with chilli flakes, even though I requested the server to make sure the dish is non-spicy. Kebabs were coated with several spices, chilli and red colour, nothing close the simple marinated soft lamb chunks from Persia. In addition there was an extremely spicy ‘Harissa sauce’ served to make this extremely spicy dish even spicier. Harissa sauce has nothing to do with Chelo kebab or Iran, it is a sauce from Tunisia or Libya (Africa). There were some sauté veggies on the side instead of grilled juicy tomatoes. Disappointing.

Chicken Parma: I wanted this to be a non-spicy dish and that is exactly what I got, the chicken was cooked well and had distinct flavours of cheese and herbs. Simple preparation, great taste.

Deserts: Deserts were the best part of the meal. In fact, they were so good that we repeated the Apple Pie and dug in like it was the last one, which actually was the case.

  • Apple pie: the cinnamon flavour and sweetness were perfectly balanced with the crusty savoury pastry. With an icecream…it was perfection on the palette.
  • Oreo Cheesecake: OK…AFC is a cheesecake fan and we cannot resist a good one if it is on the menu. This was a tad sweeter than we like it, but the taste and texture were perfect.

The portion size of deserts is good for two unless both have a sweet tooth in which case this one can prompt a fight.

The presentation of all dishes at ‘That place’ including the desserts was very ordinary. For a such an expensive restaurant, we expected a bit more flare. Rs. 700/person.

Will we visit again, not sure.

Here is how you get there:

That place
Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Good desserts
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Nice ambiance
  • Heavy on the pocket
  • Only some dishes tasted good
  • Spicy even after requesting non-spicy
2.7Overall Score
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