It is difficult to write a review about a place which is so close to perfection.

We are referring to The new restaurant at Hyatt Ahmedabad – TG’s The Oriental Grill

It is brightly lit and tastefully designed. There are several sections where a chef prepares your meal in front of you. Without giving away too much, the food is fantastic. There are a few surprises during your meal as well.

You can order ala Carter or pick a pre designed meal with courses.

Everything ranging from Sushi to Teppanyaki, everything customised to taste. Bliss!!!!

The beverages were wonderfully refreshing. Just what we needed at the end of the day.

This is a reservation only restaurant with two time slots, 7pm and 9pm.

Something everyone must try again and again.


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Marie is a foreigner in India, she doesn't eat spicy food. She has extreme concerns about hygiene and healthy food. But she'll try anything.

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