We started the dinner with kawa in the traditional middle eastern tea cups. Flavored with various spices, it felt very welcoming.



  • Harira lentil soup with chicken bits
  • Summer fruit salad
  • Watermelon mint mocktail


  • Imam bayaldi
  • Shish e zaffran


  • Kunafa

Soup was hot but not non spicy with soft cubes of chicken. You will love it if u like lentils.  Some people might just say it is dal with chicken. We liked it never the less.

Summer fruit salad with grenadine dressing was just the right start for a fabulous dinner ahead. The dressing and spice used it in was perfect with the fresh fruits like musk melon. Water melon and pomegranate over ice berg lettuce. Crunchy, juicy cold and oh so delicious!

Next up was this huge watermelon mocktail…served in…what else but a water melon. Lots of mint, lime and ice made me miss something with a little vv% in it.

And ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the main course👏👏👏
Imam bayaldi was the hero of the day…
Bulbs of Aubergine stuffed with zucchini tomatoes shallots parsley and olive oil. Tangy sweet and spicy…it was a burst of flavors and a delight for vegetarians and Aubergine lovers. While the big Aubergine bulbs were well cooked, the stuffed veggies were crunchy. The combination works wonders in terms of texture and creaminess in every bite. This was served with super tasty garlic mashed potatoes and Crunchy buttered garlic bread.

Shish e zaffran
Chicken marinated with reduced saffron and yogurt, tender and juicy and full of flavor. My favorite part of the dish was Raisin rice that was very buttery and perfectly balanced with the salt and sweet taste with parsley generously sprinkled and bits different bell peppers. Call me a simple easy to please person but I just loooooved it.

The garlic dip needs a special mention…so light it felt like a cloud in our mouth and complemented the chicken without stealing the show. The French fries were of course…French fries in a Lebanese dish…it just made it awesome to another level.

Kunafa: I want to give a standing ovation to this one. Lebanese flaky pastry with a filling of sweet and lil sour mango cheese topped with mildly sweet vermicelli and baked to give it a crisp exterior, topped with flakes of almond pistachio and walnut. Heaven on a dish. We finished every last piece of any thing of it left on the dish. Not a pretty sight but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Recommendation? Everything of course!
Because after finishing the food we slow danced home with a big smile on our face, music still ringing in our ears and our hearts filled with love for the world of food.

Beautifully decorated
Good ambience with lovely music
Fantastic service
Big portions

Just make sure there isn’t a birthday party ongoing coz it can get pretty noisy. But We don’t think it’s the restaurants fault. Period.



Souq Lebanese festival
Taste and quality
Value for money
  • Large portions
  • Great service
  • Fantastic ambiance
  • A bit pricey
  • No other cons
4.7Overall Score
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