Silver leaf on a definite comeback.
After hearing from many regulars of SL that the quality of food and crowds is slipping…we decided to give it a try. The tawa foodie in us made us order pretty much everything from the tawa, piping hot, spicy, slight oily but delicious!!

We ordered

  • Gueda kaleji fry
  • Bheja fry
  • Macchi fry
  • Zhinga masal
  • Hariyali chicken tikka naan
  • Roomali roti
  • Tandoori roti
  • Butter milk
  • Rasmalai
  • Brownie

The total was 3230…or 650 per person.

What surprised us was that they have redone the menu. For years we have been seeing the same dishes being served to us, while most of them are still on the menu there are a few food additions too. But that’s for our review next time. Today we wanted warm comfort tawa food.

All tawa dishes were really rustic and tasty just the way they ought to be. The quantity was really small so we had to order a second serving for some dishes. Going by the price of 400 per dish the quantity felt a little too small. Gurda kaleji and bheja fry were awesome, so were the perfectly and tenderly cooked prawns. Fish was Betki, and was good change from the basa that we keep running into everywhere.

Only the hariyali chicken naan was a disappointment. It was pretty bland, without a dominant flavor and served just warm, and the cheese naan was really not cheesy at all.

The food critics face never looked sadder than the time we were told there is no caramel custard pudding coz we all love it. However we went for the Rasmalai which was below average, the brownie was reasonably good once requested to warm it a bit.

No complains about the butter milk, it would have to a lousy place to mess that one thing up and silver leaf may have lost some of its sheen but it’s still one of our best to go non veg joints, Specially when other outlets shut their doors at 10.30 -11 for the night revellers.

Our tip…go a little early if you want to eat with a family crowd. Ask for less oil and spice for most dishes. Have plenty of patience for service since there are only 2-3 waiters even at peak hours. And don’t worry about the presentation, the taste makes up for it.

Silver Leaf on a comeback
Taste and Quality
Value for Money
  • Tawa food
  • Betki fish
  • Nan
  • Deserts
3.2Overall Score
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