So…on a Wednesday night Dr Rave came up with the name of another new lounge in Ahmedabad…there was a need…..the need to RAID the joint.

AFC Raided the JUICE LOUNGE & ROLLACOSTA … Funny as the name may sound, were we in for a surprise!!

The menu has a wide range from soups, mocktails, starters, Lebanese food, sizzlers, sandwiches and our desi subjis and dals.

We ordered the following:

  • Spinach Soup
  • Mushroom Paneer Sharwama
  • Veg Platter
  • Corn Chilli Cheese Express Rolla
  • Italian Cheese Grill Sandwich
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Fresh Lime Soda
  • Carrot Cake

Soup was absolutely delicious, had a tinge of excessive salt in the first serve. We ordered another which was done to perfection. Quick to implement a suggestion. Thumbs up for that! This was accompanied by the veg platter. Soft paneer, softer and well done mushrooms..however the baby corns and veg kebabs were on the spicy side.

The sharwama and roll were a surprise and delight to devour!! My non vegetarian friends who were ridiculing a VEG SHARWAMA were chomping away to glory on it with such a speed that things were falling out.

Italian sandwich was ok…was not bad at all

The Captain suggested the Pasta Primavera….pink sauce…PINK SAUCE? Neva heard that one…..however it was a mix of Red and White sauce and pasta was delicious.

Last but not the least was the Carrot cake with Vanilla icecream topped with walnut cream…..we ordered one and the thing disappeared in 2 mins between the four of us. Had to order another. The speed with which it was finished can explain everything.

BEWARE: The food is very garlicy in nature and will leave a solid taste on the tongue. A mouth freshner needed after the meal. You will be delighted by what you will get as a freshner….I will let you be surprised.

And at last the bill. Good value for money, without saying @ Rs 450 a head.


We hope Rollacosta keeps up the same quality as time passes. We will definitely visit again.

Location – Opp Pralhadnagar garden, 1st floor

Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Sizzling hot, freshly prepared
  • Strong garlic flavour
  • Music was nice
  • Soup over salty
  • Strong garlic flavour
  • Spicy
3.9Overall Score
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