Balle Balle!!! is literally the feeling when you step into Novotel. The decor of a balti and well, drums, a lit truck, with snacks on Lari and the colors of Punjab welcome you to the Restaurant. You can tell from the vibrancy that the festival spirit would run into the buffet spread as well.

What we loved in the menu @Novotel, Punjabi dhaba food festival is:

  • Lentil apple and chicken soup…yes Paji you heard that right!
  • Chhole samosa
  • Palak pakora chaat
  • Pappi chaat
  • All the various types of chana, peanut, chhole salads
  • Paneer and veg pakoras
  • Cold egg salad
  • Grilled fruits
  • Chicken tikka
  • Chicken tandoori (one of the best we’ve eaten lately)

Kattal (jackfruit) sabzi: this one we are writing about specially because we have tried this in many restaurants, in sabzi and biryani form but have hardly ever liked it.
But here we loved it! Do try this.

Sarson ka saag, panner butter masala and all the veg sabzis were good. Although malai kofta did let us down a bit. Also the dahi ke kebab. We have had better ones and have our standards set pretty high.

Of the non veg, the chicken biryani was delicious and so were the other non veg curries, but by this time we were full and couldn’t do much justice to this. We hope you all do!

For the deserts, Ras malai and Makhana ki kheer were our heroes. We didn’t really go into the regular cakes and pastries because, well in Punjab no one eats angrezi cakes 😛

Veerji, We must say “Novotel did a pretty good job, and overall the food was good.” A tad bit salty for us, but maybe we’re just being too picky.

So if your missing aaloo pyaaz gravies, koftas and curries, roomali roties…you know where to go!


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