So our favourite Italian restaurant in town is coming up with a new menu… and AFC was there for a sneak preview.

The art and craft involved in the Italian cuisine makes it a tough feat to accomplish, especially in Ahmedabad, where procuring fresh ingredients central to this cuisine, like fresh meat, seafood and herbs can be quite challenging. Kudos to the effort and the passion with which Chef Deva Kumar has sown (and we mean literally) the seeds for  this cuisine at Bella, Crowne Plaza.

We recommend:

Soup: Seafood in tomato broth…perfectly cooked squid, prawns and fish in the fragrant tangy broth was divine in this winter chill.

Chicken and caramalized red onion pizza and also the pizza with ham!

Both really well done!

Must Have’s : The multi-grain pasta and oh-so-out-of-this-world Risotto. The chef is particularly proud of this and we can’t but agree with the texture and taste.

Deserts: Tartufo was the perfect end in terms of precision in creating this beautiful looking and delicious dessert with so many colours, textures, perfect sweetness and just the right amount of tanginess to make you keep going for a second and third spoon-full.

We liked: The different textures, colours and fresh ingredients.


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