‘Gastronomical Drama’ @ Nautanki, is the most interesting name of a restaurant we’ve heard. It’s almost as interesting as a ‘Hollywood thriller’ that gets you ready psychologically even before you set a foot inside. So here we go for a full 9 course meal that will take 2 hours to finish.
As requested, we dressed up special yesterday and reached at 7.30 pm. The restaurant follows a strict reservations only policy and the meal times are pre-decided at 7.30 pm and 9.30 pm.  We would like to mention here, that this is like most fine dining restaurants where patrons reserve their tables and show up on time for enjoyable and relaxed meal of several courses, point being, not only to enjoy the meal but also the company that one goes with.
We were met by the staff are courteously guided inside to our table, overlooking the eatery outside, set up with lovely lights. 
The table is set with simple and yet elegant crockery, with a flute and a water goblet. The contrast of red runner and white table cloth is classic, but could have been better considering the name of the restaurant. 
The meal starts with the chef coming in and explaining the concept behind the restaurant. He looks very happy himself about the whole idea of the restaurant and how the courses are designed and intended to be served. Of course this peaked our excitement even more. The captain then asked us our meal preferences, and if any of us had any food allergies. That made us wonder for a short while, how our life would have been if… but then… the ‘Amuse Bouche’ arrived. 
So the first course is Amuse Bouche, which means amusing the mouth, this is a very small food sample, usually savoury, to get you to salivate and be ready for the actual. It was a simple Chilled Chaas with Roasted Aromatic Cumin seeds, served with small butter buns. The way it was served was beautiful to say the least, the colour combination of the crockery against the colour of the food was elegant like everything else on the table. 
The mocktails we ordered were very interesting :
  • Cumin Seed Mojito
  • Kala Khatta
  • Gulab Jamun Parle G Shake!! Don’t re-read…you got it right the first time. It was sweet but yummmmm.
The Appetizer was a very interesting Keralite Salad, couscous curd, fresh fafda with asparagus and pok choi for the veggies and with a prawn for the non-veggies.
How interesting was this…the texture and contrast of taste was mind blowing. 
For soup the vegetarian got a Tortilla with some dressing, the non-vegetarians got one small cooked prawn with mustard dressing. While we scratched our head on how this was a soup, the server then came with the liquid and converted that liltle thing in our dish to a soup. We ate the soup with delight. You do know that we eat soup and not drink it, right? Oh, all this fine dining is getting to us already! 
Then started the Theatrical Drama….as the name says, it was nothing less than a play directed by the great Shakespeare.  A progressive chaat trolley artistically made and finally topped with nitrogen dipped khaman.  The nitro smoke settled on the tray like mist on a lake.  The mesmerized guests couldn’t take their eyes off!!  If we could have, WE WOULD HAVE CLAPPED AND REQUESTED AN ENCORE! 

This was just the first 5 courses, there were still 4 more courses to go including the main course and desserts.
The bevy starters, mixology drama, mains and deserts followed the drama and they were no less of a Nautanki. Enjoy the pictures below. 

We did have one hiccup, that was not expected, there was a strand of protein filament (hair) in the Truffle lamb shank. This was quickly replaced with several apologies.
Special mention to the butter chicken and Mohanthal Cheese Cake dessert.

On the whole, Nautanki is like a thriller and we don’t want to reveal everything….Go on and experience it yourself!! Make sure you’re starving

Nautanki on my dish!
Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • 9 course meal
  • Entertaining and beautiful
  • Value for money
  • Hair in Lamb shank
4.1Overall Score
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