New Chinese restaurant in town? Woohooo…was our reaction. This is Nanjing inside the new C G square mall. If you haven’t been to this mall on C G road, you definitely need to.
After a hard day at work, we all decided to head to Nanjing restaurant as late as 10.30 at night. We were told at the entrance of the mall, that there is nothing open inside. After a little explanation that we are going to the restaurant, we were allowed to enter, wondering if other people have been turned back for the same reason.
The red black ambiance welcomes you to the dragons land. We are excited as we’ve heard that the food here is good and has many options in meat as well as vegetarian.
So its starter time and various types of prawns have our attention. We ordered
  • Nanjing style vegetable soup
  • Nanjing style prawns
  • Chicken Dimsum
  • and TADAAAA Spare ribs, chilly garlic. 
We got the prawns really quick, nice and tasty with a pungent garlic taste. These were jumbo prawns done to perfection and a great start to our meal.
Chicken dimsum was good too, the sauce of course makes the ingredients come together with a sweet chilly taste that lingers.
Spare ribs were delicious. The meat literally melting away in our mouth (could be because of the fatty ribs). The taste was perfect and the portion good enough for 3.
The soup…like it has been here…was forgotten at the restaurant too. After a while we remembered it and reminded the staff but were told its too late and our main course is on its way.
The main course:
  • Mongolian chicken
  • Claypot vegetarian rice
Both these dishes were good. The chicken was soft and succulent and upon the request the dish was made less spicy. We like restaurants that can cater to such special requirements and Nanging got full marks for it. We must mention that the captain mentioned that the kitchen closes at 10.30 and waited graciously while we made our mind about the food.
Lastly the dessert needs a mention.
After eating a red chili in the Mongolian chicken, one of the team members had a hilarious cough fit, while we laughed at her and tried to comfort her, the waiter rolled out the dessert quickly and eased her pain.
And the dessert was fantastic, the crispy friend noodles with honey and sesame with vanilla ice cream were a welcomed change for our palette and ended our meal on a real sweet note.
What we didn’t enjoy is that there were no crabs or lobsters available. However the prawns made up for it. Pork in an Ahmedabad restaurant is a good addition.
We recommend the food for its taste and quality, Pricing is almost reasonable, Hygiene is to the mark, Ambiance soft and comforting, and the service staff patient and friendly.

Nanjing review CG square mall
Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Pork ribs
  • Seafood
  • Great taste
  • Forgot soup
  • No crabs and lobster
3.8Overall Score
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