If you haven’t heard of Melt In Gelato Cafe at Judges bungalows, then you must be living on some other planet. Just kidding.
Warning – Highly addictive Gelato and Sorbet from Melt In can be heavy on the pocket and ruin your other favourite dessert places.
Once you try all the flavours at Melt In for Free, a small taster will not be enough and you have to keep coming back for more.
As you can see we loved the place, the white interior is clean, simple and beautiful. Fantastic pictures and menu adorn the top of counters and a TV that plays the creation of the several different flavours of Gelato available at Melt In. Overall really well done and so clean.
Ice Cream vs Gelato Vs Sorbet: Ice cream is lighter, has cream and more fat and is more airy. Gelato has milk, is denser and has more flavour therefore more satisfying. Sorbet does not have milk, only fruit and water, almost no fat, similar churning process like Gelato, may contain more sugar.
My all time favourite was the triple layered Mango/ Strawberry/Dark Chocolate candy which sadly is no longer available due to unavailability of fresh Strawberries.
What we had:
  • Cheesecake Gelato
WHOOAAA is what I said after the first taster bite of cheesecake gelato in Melt-in…its a burst of flavor, textures and savory and sweet taste…a party on the palate.
Delicious and worth several seconds 🙂
  • Gianduja – Chocolate Hazelnut
A nutella fan can’t ask for more! This classic combination is and will be a favorite for a long time. Light and delicious…this one finishes real quick.
  • Mango and White chocolate Sorbet
My bye-bye to the Ahmedabad summer… aamras with white chocolate. You have to try this one to believe it. Real mango flavour…the small amounts of white chocolate were perfectly balanced. The sorbet was fresh and rich in taste. Highly recommended to all the mango (loving) people.
  • Pistachio Gelato
The pistachio flavour is so intense, it is unbelievable. Slightly heavier than the other gelatos but with every bite you fall deeper and deeper into ecstasy.
  • Smiley bar
Hazelnut gelato coated with milk chocolate and a smiley face, was a bliss. Don’t fear the large size, eventually you will wish it was bigger.
I feel like going there right now.

This is how you get there:

Melt in Gelato Cafe
Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Beautiful concept
  • Delivery
  • Great taste
  • Heavy on the pocket
4.3Overall Score
Reader Rating: (4 Votes)

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