We had one of those nights…where everything went right! @The Mad House Cafe.

A quiet little place, with few people, serving staff in no hurry, food that is delicious, friends that are funny and for once in the day we felt truly relaxed.
The seating space is outdoors, small and covered with a shed, but nice and cozy.

We ordered for the
  • Monster burger
  • Grilled Chicken burger
  • Pancake with mushrooms and bacon
  • Pull apart bread
  • Potato monster

What we liked
: Monster Burger…YUM YUM
Grilled chicken burger: simple but one could taste the chicken patty over the sauce or lettuce, and that’s a winner for us
Potato monster with beans, pork sausage and cheese sauce. Super tasty and has the right amount of cheesy, tangy, spicy, meaty taste.

The 2 things that didn’t turn up as we expected were the Pull apart bread and the pancake.  We were hoping we’d be pulling some mozzarella out too… and the pancake, was meh! …. we couldn’t taste anything in it. Again considering it is a breakfast thing, we were hoping it will pack a punch…after all the menu has a story that suggests breakfast is an important event!
We must mention, that we ordered for, and we quote the Menu  ‘Iced lemon water (with a hint of lemon)’. A sip and we decided it wasn’t lemony enough, asked the person who was serving us to add some more lemon (Pllllleeeeaaaseee) and salt….and he without, and mind you he could have, a question or explanation went it jazzed it up for us!
Hazelnut coffee and Mojito were good enough. But the hot chocolate…was fantastic! Of course, the fact that it started to rain right then made its taste Great x10.

The Mad House Cafe - review
Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Monster burger
  • Staff accomodating
  • Ideal in Winter
  • Not idea in Summer
  • Pancake
  • Food could be warmer
3.7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)

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