Three of us, Marie (our foreigner team member), Surya (a friend from Mumbai) and I decided to visit Knife and Fork after hearing about it  from a few friends.  The reviews on Zomato were pretty high especially for the non-veg.

Located in a shopping complex in Pralhadnagar near the garden, it is a small Restaurant / Take away. There are 4 tables, one of which can seat maximum 5 people. One of the tables is right next to the kitchen door, so one seated there can get knocked on the head sometimes. Walls are simple, almost no decor, not much of an ambiance has been created. Lighting is pretty poor with white CFLs in the ceiling, giving the restaurant a very dull, non-cozy feeling. There is one split AC in the restaurant, which is not enough to cool the entire area, especially in summer. The overwhelming fragrance from the kitchen can give you a heart burn while you wait for your food (and yes! you will have to wait).

Music played was calm and easy going, it was an album from Enrique Iglesias, which is much better than what we’ve heard at some other restaurants recently.

The cutlery was placed directly on the table mats, which are just wiped clean. The place could definitely benefit from some cleaning and well kept cutlery. I like my cutlery to be brought out clean or at least wrapped in cloth rather than just siting on the table.

Service was pretty slow, almost 25 minutes for the starters and 50 minutes for the main course. Drinks were brought in after 30 mins. The staff was nice and friendly, the manager came over to take our order and spoke in English.

What we ordered:

  • Hugwani Tangdi
  • Chicken Mughlai
  • Veg Manchurian
  • Egg fried rice
  • Lacha paratha
  • Hariyali nan
  • Sweet lime soda
  • Cold drinks

Everything was hot and served in clean dishes. The non-veg was exceptionally good. The Tandgi had minced chicken stuffing and was so hot straight from the tandoor, that we could not hold it in our hands. Usually they serve 2 legs but since we were 3 people, they served us 3 leg pieces (extra charge of course, but nice of them).

We asked for something non spicy and with less masala. The Chicken mughlai with nan and paratha was exactly that, we could savor the succulent tender chicken instead of spice with spices.

The only disappointment was the Egg fired rice with Manchurian, neither tasted fresh and the Manchurian was hard and had a lot of food color.

With an average rating of 3 this place could much better if they improve their hygiene, ambiance and Chinese food (Indianised Chinese). We will definitely visit the Knife and Fork restaurant again and update our review as time passes.

If you’ve eaten at Knife and Fork, feel free to add your rating below.

Knife and Fork
Good place for Non-veg. Definitely value for money. Veg folks might feel a bit left out.
Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Great tasting Non-veg
  • Sizzling hot, freshly prepared
  • Music was nice
  • Chinese Veg not so great
  • AC not cool enough
  • Poor lighting
3.0Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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