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A new eatery with international footprints has recently opened up in Ahmedabad.

A poster that said ‘coming soon’ in Prahaladnagar is not an unusual sight, but the name is interesting since it gives nothing out about the food other than the northern influences.
But wait…before we could go and try them out, there started a big hue and cry ‘online’ about this eatery. Some people loved it while some others said the nastiest things about it. While that isn’t new, considering the discerning Ahmedabadi palette that comes with a whip sharp tongue, we really got interested in the real story behind all the reviews. So FIA and AFC, both groups of food reviewers, landed up at the Kailash Parbat. And here’s what we dug out…
The interiors are good, white bright and inviting right from the street. At least 15 people were seated comfortably in the waiting area for their turn to dine. The eatery is designed to be a posh joint and a family dine in. The seats and table settings are done well, giving the diners their space and not crowding up the floor with too many tables. It was completely full but the music kept personal conversations private.
Before we start the review, we’d like to say that the menu is predominantly chaat flavours, spicy, tangy with loads of masala. It has a big range of Sindhi cuisine which is unique to this restaurant in Ahmedabad.  Also the recipes are authentic to the restaurant and may vary from what we are used to.
The first dish was a chaat platter. Corn chat, Bhel, Dahi wada and Papdi chaat. Corn chaat was really good, the sweetness of american corn cut out the salt and masala and the preparation is very well balanced. However, all the other 3 accompaniments  tasted just the same. Overpowering salt and chaat masala made differentiation difficult once you start eating it. Not that we stopped, however apart from the corn chaat, we really don’t remember much about the other 3 chaats. Oh wait…we do, the bhel was soggy just as sometimes it gets at home when made in a large batch. Not good.
Pani puri…now, any self respecting Amdavadi, can tell a good pani puri from a not so good one. The masala, pani and the sweet tamarind chutney was absolutely delicious, but the puri is the hero of any good pani puri, and something is amiss in these puri’s. Investigation revealed that they are working on the right gluten mix, however for people who are eating there right now, the hardness of the puri really must take the pleasure away. A faster solution temporarily till they figure out their right mix is the need of the hour, if their customers are to be satisfied.
The Vada pav at KP is also a recipe of the restaurant hence comparing it to any other version we have eaten ( and god knows we have 100’s) would be unfair. But this is agreed to unanimously by us that the mustard seeds (rai) is so much that it just takes over the goodness of a good batata vada and leaves only the annoying crackle of the rai in our teeth. We would really suggest toning it down to the half or less of its quantity. The bun was soft and fresh and the laal chutney is good, but we couldn’t taste it over the rai.
Ragda Pattice: Now this we all liked. We literally loved the heart shaped patty fried perfectly and the ragda which was delicious. The vinegar onions rendered a beautiful hue to the plate and the palette. So much that we forgot to add any chutney to the Ragda or the Patty.
The Aloo tukk is a take on the Sindhi fried potato with a simple sprinkle of salt and red chilli and some masala. Something different but tasty.
This was followed by the main courses of Chole bature, Paneer shashlik sizzler and Seyal rice and Bhi basar (Lotus stem curry).
These were all average, a general note was too much masala in everything.
We all know where to get our favorite chole bature in Ahmedabad, but Kailash Parbat is a welcome change. We particularly like the taste of the bature.

There was a major service issue, when the grilled tomato toppled off the sizzler on to the table while serving. The waiter quickly put it right back on our french fries and continued serving. We brought this to the attention of the management and they promised to follow up on this with their staff.
This attitude of the management is highly appreciated.
The shashlik was nothing to brag about, as no particular flavour stood out in the dish. The steamed veggies were perfectly crunchy.

The Sindhi cuisine. Our expectations were already high with 2 Sindhis on the table. Unfortunately both didn’t really enjoy the overpowering masala in the dishes.

Quick tip: Order the Bhi basar with butter roti rather than the masala rice.

The clear winner of the night was the Falooda. Do not leave KP without having this or a few of them. Really really good falooda.

Kailash Parbat is a very new restaurant in Ahmedabad and like most things new they will take some time to adjust to the local taste buds or vice versa. The team is a committed on and are taking every feedback with a pinch of masala 😉

Kailash Parbat review
Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Falooda
  • Service
  • Sindhi cuisine
  • Dropped tomato and put it back
  • Too salty, too spicy
  • Quantity
3.4Overall Score
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