Ahmedabad has now truly become a melting pot, of people and their cuisines. No really, this is a change that we are observing since last few years…and another addition to this newness is Korean Food that is now being celebrated at Nonya, Hyatt Ahmedabad. This is a restaurant that surprises us every time, We’ve had Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, American styled Beer festival, Spanish Tapas and such other cuisines here.

Jang-geum was our first introduction to Korean cuisine. History tells us that this story is of a young cook trying to master the art of cooking in order to achieve a higher level in the hierarchy of the royal kitchen. She would be the first or maybe the only woman physician/cook in Korean history.

Everything in the kitchen was prepared like medicine to care for the health of the Royal family or to cure any illnesses. Although Korean cuisine has been affected by cultural and political influences over several generations, it has kept its original flavour.

Korean Food, is not something we hear about often. The history of the cuisine that was given to us at the restaurant had us look at the food and Koreans in a whole different light. Fresh ingredients, light almost no-oil broths and stews, the process of fermentation of ingredients, the self-sufficiency of Korea in growing and using their own produce for food, is truly commendable. The fact that Koreans have several vegetarian only restaurants and dishes.

With that in the background, we were presented the first course of soup (we challenge you to say this at one go) Baechu Doenjang guk, a soya bean paste soup with napa cabbage and vegetable or chicken. We had both types and loved the lightness of the soup and the sprinkle of green onions. Light on the pallette and delicious with the strips of omelet, this was a great example of what to expect from the rest of the meal.

The starters we had were

Veg: Korean khimchi and green onion pan cake

Non Veg: Korean bbq fish on crispy wanton

Both the dishes were lovely. For people who like spicy food, do have the khimchi pan cake, in fact, anyone and everyone please have the khimchi anything. That is as Korean as a dish could get.

Main course was:

Veg:  Sweet and sour veggies with shitake mushrooms (YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT)

Bean thread glass noodles with vegetables of non veg options

Non Veg: Spicy slow cooked chicken with greens.

Sweet and spicy shrimp.

Everything in the main course was delicious. The ingredients were fresh, light, clear tastes, no over powering spice or sourness. The dishes do have distinct flavours but nothing that overpowers the others. The texture of various ingredients with the flavoursome stews was extremely enjoyable.

Overall the presentation and  taste of the food was spot on. And we have come to expect that from Nonya every time.

The one thing that left us confused was the Bibim-bap that we ate. In our knowledge this is supposed to be a mixture of Sprouted beans, green veggies, carrot and other vegetable julienne, meats, mushroom, fish sauce, soya sauce, noodles, sticky rice, khimcki and a raw egg on top.

The version we ate was fried rice with vegetarian or meat options. Well let’s just say this is made differently in different households and this was Hyatt’s version of it. Good in taste and a good accompaniment to all vegetables in sauce.

The desert was again the hero…simple as it could be, not overly sugary or creamy, it was a simple rice flour bun stuffed with dry fruits. And like every time, we couldn’t stop ourselves from a second helping.

Should you eat this? WE SAY DO IT TODAY!  We are so used to our Chinese preparations that this is a wonderful and welcomed change.


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