Indulge yourself in the Japanese food experience at Nonya Hyatt –

The presentation just makes you want to click pictures of everything you see. Thankfully sushi doesn’t have to be eaten hot ? 

Out recommendation: 

  • Calamari rings…totally delicious
  • Prawn Temaki…
  • Salmon Maki 

What stands out here is the freshness of ingredients. And ofcourse the dip/sauce that it is served with. The wasabi is super fiery. Make sure you use it prudently. 

For Vegetarians: do try 

  • Nigiri sushi 
  • Hibachi fried rice and 
  • Yaki Soba noodles 

Thing to die for: is the Mango sticky rice pudding.

There is something about Nonya desserts…they leave a lingering feeling of bliss! 

This is not a review, you simply must try it. 

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