Bowled over by the food and the concept behind it at Hyatt Ahmedabad. The Hyderabad food fest has started and is on till 29th March.

You might remember our posts from the Hyatt Japanese and Korean festivals in past, well they have now completed a circle around the world and are back in India.

The idea, as explained to us is to bring popular foods from some well known cities of India, starting with Hyderabad. To any foodie Hyderabad means Biryani and meat preparations. The influences of Turkish and Mughal and Arabic are apparent in the use of herbs, dried fruit and spices.  And we think Hyatt has struck the right cord.

  • Our favourites from the vegetarian fare are
    Veg Haleem and Veg Haleem kebabs, yes you heard that right. Tastes like heaven while being completely vegetarian. The texture is unbelievable, creamy and nutty at the same time.
  • Paneer Vepdu: now this one was a surprise, while it looks like your ordinary chilly paneer, the flavour of curry leaves comes through in every bite. Only several helping will satiate you, if at all!
  • Bagara baingan is another dish which is a favourite and completely lived to our expectations. The taste of fenil and peanuts in the dish struck the perfect balance. Highly recommended.
  • Lauki mussallam was another dish that the vegetarians will enjoy, a little bland but the curry was spiced to perfection. The presentation was spot on too.
  • Palak ki dal was delicious as expected. Although it is now made in most parts of India in different forms, the consistency and mix of dal and palak was perfect.

Now for the Non vegetarian fare:

  • Gosht haleem ke kebab are to die for. Soft and creamy and so distinctively meaty. We are craving for them again while writing this post.
  • Lukmi chicken was acceptable. In fact I think we liked the vegetarian starters so much and this kind of took a back seat. Probably needs more justice, but maybe next time!
  • Now the WINNER of the dinner hands down is Ambada ghosht: we fail to describe the tangy gravy… it’s one of those dishes where you will lap up the curry more than the meat. Made with raw mangoes it was perfectly cooked and flavoured, the meat was soft and delicious.

It was a fight between Ambada ghosht and Baghare baingan and we still don’t have a clear winner!

Murgh badami korma was again a delight for chicken lovers.

All the three deserts were delicious and you can take a pick from what sways you the most.:

  • Gul-e-Firdaus
  • Khubaanee ka meetha
  • Double ka meetha

Over all, one of the best food festival of Hyatt and one that we recommend highly.

Happy eating!


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