Did you know there is a Grill & Beer festival at Collage Hyatt, Ahmedabad?

We would like to start with acknowledging the effort that Hyatt is putting in, bringing its patrons, something to look forward to every few weeks. This week and the next, it is the BEER, you heard it right BEER and GRILLS festival. Of course the beer is non-alcoholic but it is top quality and almost as satisfying as the real thing…minus the zing (maybe a little zing!)

A tall glass of Erdinger with a platter of sizzling grilled, lip smacking, fresh as it can be ingredients…what else does want on a hot summer day with friends and family.

Grills are available in vegetarian and non vegetarian options. The chef/manager came down to explain us what we are eating, the procurement process, marination process and the low fat cooking further enhanced the anticipation and flavors and deducted any guilt, if at all.

Vegetarian food consisted to soft BBQ Paneer Tikkas, Potato basket, Bell peppers. We felt that this plate could have had more veggies like zucchini, Aubergine, pineapple and maybe some mix veg kebabs.

For the non vegetarians…where do we even begin! The softest whole white pomfret was served to us on a grill. Lamb rack/ chops were perfectly cooked…not one bit under or over cooked.

Now this is a tricky one and our full marks to the team for doing a brilliant job here. The prawns were delectable and again the cooking was just right. Mashed potato brought everything together perfectly and boy was it creamy! For the meat lovers there’s another surprise on the menu. Ask for the Surprise!!!

While all the above were spiced with just salt and pepper to bring out the flavours (No Masala) of the raw meat itself, the grill Chicken was spiced in a strange way, which we did not like. However a bonus was that all the products are Make in India; none of the meat was imported, yes, all sourced in and around Ahmedabad including the lamb rack, which means fresh products on our plate. Did we mention, We love fresh produce.

So go on…we bet the service, food quality and the beer, oh and the chilled BEER will make your day just like it made ours. Going there again…OH YES!!

Grill & Beer festival @ Hyatt Ahmedabad
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