Flavors of Sicily have come into Ahmedabad in the latest Hyatt Festival that is continuing all through this week. I’m sure by now you know we are big fans of the Hyatt food festivals.

Taste some authentic Sicilian flavors influenced by Greek, Spanish, French and Arab cuisines.
A must try is the Home Made Pickled Tomato Olive Mango and balsamic salad.
Roasted Chicken Leg with Couscous and  in the desserts the Cassata De Siciliano.
There has been an attempt to bring a Sicilian feel to the environment thru menu design and table layouts.
Alas, the one thing we did miss is the presence of some lovely Sicilian Wine….would have added to the flavors.  But the zingy mocktails did play their role to perfection.
This festival won’t last long, so if you wish to try some Sicilian food, head over to the Hyatt Ahmedabad and taste the flavours of Sicily.

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Sandy is very Indian, very Amdavadi, who loves street food as much as restaurant food and can eat out everyday.

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