After being bowled over a few months back by another restaurant in Courtyard Marriott, Ahmedabad, we thought, they are finally getting their act together about their food scene. Momo Cafe is some place that we always thought needed a lot of improvement in terms of more focus on quality and taste than number of dishes on the buffet menu.

And VOILA…we think they are spot on again!
If you like Italian food and have had enough of Spaghetti in red or white sauce, then we suggest you reach Momo Cafe today. The festival is till 31st July.

While having the regular fare, there is big Italian spread that you can choose from. We all know Italians use fresh ingredients…Yup…they do…and the dishes look like a party of colours, flavours and textures. AND WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED.

Our favorites:
It’s an Italian festival so guess who the hero is???

The light airy fresh mozzarella, to burrata, to the blue and goat cheese and of course Parmesano! We loved every one of them.
Some crackers, grapes and mostarda and we went mmmmm…at every bite. Do try the lemon and plum mostarda with blue cheese if you are a fan.

Antipasti we loved:

  • Cherry Tomato and burrata cheese capreese
  • Sardine fish with granollata
  • Zucchini rolls and goat cheese
  • Roasted pumpkin burrata cheese
  • Sundried tomato and fresh mozzarella
  • Proscuitto ham and cheese terrine (beautifully crafted)


  • 2 Herbed Fettuccini
  • 3 types of Ravioli (1 veg and 1 non veg)
  • Lamb Bolognese

and 4 different sauces to choose from.

We loved…Spinach and Burrata cheese ravioli, Sundried tomato ravioli with cream cheese sauce and the fettuccini.
The Gnocchi felt a bit doughy and less potato, but should definitely be tried.

Dessert Recommendations: NONE – Now this is where we were disappointed.

  1. Not to see tiramisu on the counter. I mean…I am sure Tiramisu is very common…but then it is Italian cuisine….like you had cheese and tomato, you should have Tiramisu.
  2. No good creamy chocolate or coffee pudding.
  3. Casata that was gelatin based and hard and dry. Didn’t work.
  4. Anything with Pistachio ??? again like…tomato and cheese guys!!
  5. Gelato?…

The menu had some pie, cake and the chocolate brownie thing…but we just expected better if we are eating Italian.
Our big thumbs up the starters and main course. It you like pasta and vinaigrette, and dressings, you have to go here.

While there are other places in Ahmedabad for Italian food, this festival gives you an array of antipasti and pasta that you may not order together at these places. Having it in a buffet just makes life easier for people who like to eat many things and not one big bowl of Spaghetti.

We did miss a good pizza, but honestly, the thought never occurred to us while we were eating there. Hmm…maybe we should visit there again!

Value for money: full on
Quality: 5 (Extra points for the chef’s passion! )
Service: 5
Hygiene: 5
Taste: 4 (Totally subjective)

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