So…AFC reached a vegetarian joint this week. We realized a lot of our likes come from that side of the world where veggies rule! So Deanna is a restaurant near Kensville golf driving range. We have passed the road several times and seen many cars parked there…so we thought we should go and check what the fuss is about.

Our findings:
It’s a medium sized restaurant with a tolerable ambience. The waiting staff is not very professional in the mannerism or their appearance. But well… We didn’t dwell on that much…or did we!
We should mention that menu is extensive for a restaurant that size.

We ordered:

  • Manchow soup
  • Soto Ayam soup
  • Baby corn in conje sauce
  • Crispy water chestnut with sesame honey and chilly
  • Nachos XXL
  • Mexican retried bean pizza
  • Grilled vegetable risotto
  • Fresh Lime soda

So as usual, we wanted the food to be less spicy which we explained to the captain several times. We had a child among the diners and so had requested the soup and pizza to be not spicy at all. But of course it was and so much so that the kid with us couldn’t have either of the things he ordered.

The Nachos were good. Delicious cheese sauce with all the fresh veggies tasted very well. The soups were spicy but enjoyable. Crispy water chestnut had a beautiful name and looked good but the garlic was over powering. We hardly noticed the sesame or honey. This was disappointing.

Now here’s where the trouble started…the risotto served was not a vegetable risotto but a plain one. The rest of the main course came 15 minutes later, of which baby corn stroganoff was turned to baby corn conje sauce.

Our little friend could not have the soup so the captain suggested that he will get it redone and send it back without spice. But that never came.

The pizza took 45 minutes to be served. We finished our meal and the kid was still waiting for his fare. Finally when the pizza arrived after several reminders it was so spicy that he couldn’t eat any of it!

In short the service was poor and inefficient. The staff was non-responsive to any special requests. The food quality deteriorated after the first starter. Even the sweet lime couldn’t live upto it’s reasonable expectations.

And so our conclusion is…the cars must be parked outside for some other place in the premises.

Here is how you get there:

Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Nachos and cheese
  • Non responsive
  • Disappointing taste
  • Pizza takes 45 minutes
2.6Overall Score
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