40? 50? 60? or uncountable…Oh my god…how are we going to this?

That’s our first thought when we looked at the brunch buffet in Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad.

The desserts looked so good we couldn’t stop hovering at the counter so we came up with a plan…start with the desserts first. That’s a great judge of what to expect from the rest of the spread. Of the at least 20 types of pastries, souffle, tart, flan and cakes we loved the chocolate mousse, the caramel custard. We were then ready for some starters.

We started with some mocktails and uff…the mango mix was every mango lovers delight and so was the blueberry mojito.

From the starters… We strongly recommend the 4 different types of cheese and crackers with prunes and walnuts, the Rosemary chicken is so inviting you’d want to chuck everything and head there, chicken satay was good and the chicken tikka was delicious with the pudhina chutney. The crab cake with hummus got a mixed response. I could taste the binding more than the crab and the sweet crab meat sort of did not go with the hummus it was served with. I liked that better with the pudhina chutney and my Indian palette then found the balance it was looking for. Basa tikka was oh so spicy but tasty.

For the vegetarians there is Aubergine and feta cheese, Paneer stuffed with mango (tad sweeter than we would like it), various types of dips and feta, crunchy green salads and much more. Pani puri and chaat were added spice to the starters.

For the live counter enthusiasts there is Khow Suey and Beetroot ravioli and different types of pasta.

Now comes the main course… we tried the lamb which was done to perfection, and stuffed brinjals and mixed vegetable. Kali dal is worth a mention. Pakoda Kadhi looked good but the kadhi was really sour. Kattal (jackfruit) biryani was unique but lacked any specific flavor.

1. Poached pear with musk melon sauce MUST MUST HAVE
2. Death by chocolate with chilly mascarpone (this is a visual delight and literally kills you with anticipation, MUST HAVE) Check out this video we took.

3. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake… (so flaky, you can see the cheese crumble and the jamun adds the right amount of sweetness, another MUST MUST HAVE)

Make sure you go to the brunch spread on a relaxed Sunday and enjoy it with your friends and family while having a party in your mouth with each morsel.

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