What happens what a bunch of foodies come together to taste food at one of the best fine dine restaurants in the city? THEY DO DHAMAAL!

What a fun night it was yesterday when we reached China House all famished after a busy day at work! We laughed, made jokes and then…lost ourselves in the food that was served to us.

The restaurant is tastefully done and the seating is very well spaced out. It’s a place where several big groups can enjoy it all at the same time without disturbing others. While the capacity is quite big, prior reservations are mandatory. For a weekday, it was quite busy!

As you enter the restaurant the sight of steam rising out of various areas in the open kitchen is quite welcoming.

The table layout is thoughtfully done considering we still need our knife and forks to eat Chinese food. We were also explained by the manager that while the food is of international standards and authentic Chinese (Courtesy the Chef who is from China), the service has been kept Indian, meaning the waiters are friendly and food can be shared. YIPIIIIEEEE….

What we had…

Mocktails… carefully prepared for the Ahmedabad market, the beverage menu is as exotic as it gets. Our favourites were the¬†Basil Mojito, Watermelon martini, Celery and lime spritzer…actually I think we loved every drink that was served.

For starters we had
Sichuan Poached chicken with crushed peanuts. We had mixed feelings about this one, some wanted the salty chilly sauce of a liquid consistency while some liked it the way it was. Delicately poached chicken with a salty tangy reduction, peanuts and bamboo shoots were very well combined.

Chinese mushroom salad with peppers and vinegar. Ok, so a restaurant that serves various types of mushrooms and not just the regular white mushroom is already special to us, and then if you can prepare it with such simplicity but fabulous taste, you’ve out done our expectations.

Steamed Chicken Siu Mai: Delicious specially with the sweet tangy, and dry chilly accompaniments.


Wanton soup with bean curd and leeks: Not liked by all, but surely liked alot by one
Sweet corn: really good



Lamb shank hot pot with steamed coriander buns: A must have for all lamb lovers! We couldnt stop raving about ho perfectly cooked the lamb was and how it would just fall of the bone. Very very well done!

Home style wok friend pork with bell peppers and garlic with black sauce. Ok..so this to us was passable. Quite possible that it just was not as strong in flavour as the previous two dishes. Will have to try this one again.

Steamed basa with spicy fragrant black bean sauce. None of us are big Basa fans, I mean its a very passable fish, so we took a small serving, and then 2 more big servings coz we couldn’t believe how soft and tasty it was with the rice. Another MUST for non vegetarians.

For vegetarians there is

Claypot Seasonal vegetables with Sichuan chilly sauce: very well presented and so very tasty with stir fried rice

French friend beans with dried red chillies, simple but again spot on! We love french beans and this one was as good as they come.

Dan Dan noodles: A must try and highly recommended by the hotel staff itself. Do order yourselves some Chinese coriander buns to soak the amazing sauce that comes with it.


Highly recommend trying:

Banana fritters with vanilla cause and Ice cream
Green Tea-ramisue

VFM: The quantity for most dishes was generous and then considering it is a fine dine, we think it was fairly good.

Service: Excellent! no two ways about that

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