After trying desperately to eat here, every time on a Monday, we finally made it to Cafe Le Rendez-Vous, in Alliance Francaise on a Thursday. It isn’t the first time that one of us is eating here, but beside we enjoyed it so much, we had to review it. The place can use some popularity since we were the only ones there, the entire evening. Go figure.

Now about some food…

We ate Watermelon and Feta salad with olives and basil. On a summer night this is the cold freshness that you need…and watermelon and feta are a match made in heaven. Do try it.

Lettuce salad with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, basil, drizzled with olive oil was exactly all of these ingredients mixed just right. A special mention to the light fresh fluffy mozzarella added generously to the salad. We loved it.

Bruschetta was OK and nothing to brag about. We have had better here in past. Expected it to better especially since it is easy to make.

We also ordered a couple of ice tea coolers which were pretty good.

Quattro formaggi sandwich, although we felt the cheese in the sandwich we couldn’t really tell any outstanding flavours. This was a simple filling cheese sandwich that keeps you wanting something more in it. Did it melt in our mouth…emmm… not really, but it was filling.

Pizza with ham and bacon. HAM AND BACON?? 😳 we had to order this one. But when it came it had no bacon, so this was a bit disappointing …also it is nothing out of the world. Was a regular thin crust olive oil drizzled pizza which tasted like just another thing you may have for a light snack.

Grilled Chicken with fries. This was very simple, mild flavours and we loved it. No added masala, just some herbs which made this even better.

Chicken Burger. No no no… We do not liked frozen patty microwaved and fitted into a burger like it doesn’t belong there. This could have been so much better in both quality and taste.

Pad Thai Noodles…spicy is the middle name of thing dish. Our mouth and tongue burned as we kept…hehe….yes kept eating it. Tasted good and is perfect for a spice loving Amdavadi. Chicken was generously used. We couldn’t finish it though due to the level of heat.

Now the desserts: and may we say that we stand up in respect to the deserts at the cafe this size.

Nutella crepes were delicious, carrot cake outstanding as it crumbled in the dish and melted in the mouth. And their home made chocolate mint ice cream. The waffles…oh the waffles! We’ve had these earlier and loved them.

The only one that we did not like was the cherry ice cream since it did not taste like cherry at all.

The ambience is very good, it’s quiet, comfortable and their coolers make it a good place to chill in this summer heat.

Service is not very fast since there is one cook and one server but the time management was good and the quality of service was restaurant class but in a quiet cafe.

Will we visit again?? YES AND YES.

Cafe Le Rendez-Vous in Alliance Francaise
Taste and Quality
Value for Money
  • Great even in Summer
  • Variety
  • Desserts
  • Chicken burger
  • Cherry ice cream
  • Empty, no one around
3.7Overall Score
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