At Ahmedabad Food Critics (AFC)…Our desire for good food takes us to all corners of Ahmedabad and beyond…our palette is insatiable and our standards are high!

Ahmedabad has many many food enthusiasts and increasing number of expats who hear of eateries at Khau gali, Manek Chowk, Khanpur, Prahaladnagar and many such pockets. The food here is amazing, yet can be bugging to the stomach. We at AFC are attempting to find out these iconic places and tell you how delicious and hygienic their food is. No, we are not hygiene police…but want to direct one and all to these interesting and safe places to eat. So join us…while we explore with our passion for food to satiate your gustatory urges!

We will critique everything from road side snacks to gourmet at 5 star hotels.

Pssst… We share some amazing pictures and cool recipes too !