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Here’s a story…

A few friends, some from Ahmedabad and a few from Ahmedabad but visiting from the US of A, started driving around looking for a good place to eat…and turned 70 Degrees East. And that’s where another story starts…

No of Diners: 6 Adults and 4 kids in a big spacious restaurant. The decor is inviting and interesting and the tables are set fairly apart so that we could all relax and talk without worrying about disturbing anyone. Not that we usually do 🙂

A nice ambiance with good service, good waiters and a bunch of soon noisy and hungry kids started the food ordered spree…

What we ate…

  • Burnt Garlic and coconut Soup
  • Minestrone Soup

The soups were all good. Minestrone is a common soup but was done to perfection. The taste was incredible. The flavoursome Burnt garlic and coconut soup is delicious and the taste stays with you till you are served some delicious looking starters and you are ready for your second course.


  • Khizbera Kebab
  • Cheese chilly dragon
  • Lotus Stem
  • Nachos
  • Penne Pasta
  • Taco

Starters were served hot and fresh. Nachos and pasta were a hit with the kids. We requested for non spicy pasta, tacos and other vegetables and were glad that they made them to perfection.

Khezbara kebab with the mint chutney was hot and tasty. The lotus stem was deep friend and mildly seasoned. Its crispness and the spicy sweetness of the sauce are brilliant match. The cheese chilly dragon reminded us of another joint owned by the same group. We thought there should have been something different about this, a twist maybe…however that didn’t take anything away from the taste. The tomato tangy sauce added to the perfectly crisp cheese fried roll.

The second course was

  • Cottage cheese Mix and match
  • Veg makhan masala
  • Dal Bukhara
  • Rice
  • Assorted nans and roomali roti
  • Butter milk

Everything was perfect. Paneer was as fresh as it could be, dal bhukhara was flavor some and creamy. The presentation however could have been better for all dishes. Every dish had the regular cream dressing and could have been done better. But full marks on the taste. The butter milk comes in big glasses and is refreshing.


  • Badam Akhrot Halwa
  • Cinnamon and Apple pie

OK…so that’s our sweet spot however we were so full that the deserts were merely customary. Badam akhrot halwa was nice…but I’ve had better and again the presentation was merely 3 chunks of halwa in a white bowl. Apple pie was soggy in the base and not crisp and also the cinnamon isnt as strong as we like. The taste was barely there. Can complain about the vanilla…ever.

Disclaimer: We may have mistaken the name of 1 dish, Veg Makhan Masala. Please bear with us.

Here is how you get there:

70 degrees east
Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Approx. Rs 400/person
  • Great taste
  • Kids loved it
  • Presentation could be better
  • Deserts need improvement
4.4Overall Score
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