Every thing we had was to die for!

The highlights Prawns, pork chops, basa, and deserts.


Soup was a simple but hearty preparation of cream of mushrooms.

Perfectly cooked but still crunchy Prawns with a dressing of coriander, lime and garlic an explosion of flavours. Long after we had eaten the prawns, we were still eating spoonfuls of the dressing.

Next up was  Chicken stuffed with garlic and served with a mildly sweet yoghurt dip, very tasty and so very tender.

Margherita pizza was good with a tangy tomato sauce, however we found it a little dry. But nothing that a dash of olive oil wouldn’t fix that we received promptly when requested.

Tortellini was one of the best we’ve had and the jalapeño cream had us going ummmm…..

Basa was perfect, however  the sauce was the hero of the dish, so so good we could have licked the dish, actually we did!

Of all the restaurants in Ahmedabad that have started serving pork, this is by far the best pork chops, I have eaten. Perfectly cooked, tender, with an amazing sauce and mash with more pork.

Deserts…were out of this world! We’ve often discussed and come to a unanimous conclusion about which desert we’ve liked the most today, but we’ve rarely been put into such difficulty. Choosing a winner was as tough as choosing your right hand over your left.

According to us this is the best restaurant that any club in Ahmedabad has.  19th Hole, Gymkhana, Good job guys!

Being a club restaurant, it isn’t open to all, which means a lot of people will have to find connections to get to this restaurant. However, it is worth the effort.

19th Hole, Gymkhana
Taste and Quality
Value for money
  • Great taste
  • Super service
  • Value for money
  • Only for club members
4.5Overall Score
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